Financial aid and California Promise Grant

I had recently submitted a California Promise Grant (BOG) in order to be eligible for the California College Promise, but I had submitted the wrong address and did not input my social security number (missing information). Before this, I had also submitted a fafsa form back last November in the hopes that it would also work for my financial aid and California College Promise, but that one has all of my information inputted correctly. My main questions are:

Do I only need to submit a fafsa in order to be eligible for both financial aid AND the California College promise?

If I submit my California Promise Grant wrong, will it make my Fafsa void and if so, how do I update my California Promise Grant information so that I won't have any issues with receiving financial aid? However if that isn't the case, do I still need to update my BOG information if all of my Fafsa information is correct?

I don't know if I should be worried as I am a High School Senior and I am worried this will ruin my chances of receiving federal aid when entering De Anza for the Summer of 2021.


  • Hi Brian,

    When you submit a FAFSA application, you are technically applying for both the financial aid and promise grant so in that case you don't need to submit a separate promise grant application. Generally speaking, if you submitted your promise grant with the wrong address and information, your FAFA does not void.

    Being that your FAFSA was the first application to be submitted, I would recommend that you contact your colleges financial aid department to see if you have been approved for the promise grant. If you have been approved for the promise grant, let them know that you submitted a promise grant by accident with the wrong address and see if they are able to cancel the application. On the other hand, if your promise grant was not approved, please correctly update your address on your application with the financial aid department.

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