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Hello there,

I am a Canadian Professional looking to pursue part time studies to obtain a general Associates Degree. I understand that I will require 60 units of credit to qualify for graduation. Since I will be inundated with my full time career, I would like to tread slowly. I have not yet looked at course options as I don't plan on enrolling until Sept, 2021.( online of course ). My question, I hope, is simple enough: Approx many of courses do I need to fulfill graduations requirements? Do the number of credits you earn for each course the same or are they weighted depending on certain course requirements and workload?

Many thanks for any assistance!



  • Hi Mark,

    Generally speaking, the minimum requirements to graduate with an associates degree is 60 credits which is about 20 classes. Most courses you will earn 3 credits while in science/biology courses you will earn 4 to 5 credits. If you would like more information and clarification, please see an academic counselor at your college.

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