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Hi in February my teacher had a guest from crc collage that made us sign up for spring of 2021 for some credits for my class but i'm an incoming freshman for community collage and for eservices it says for fafsa I have to put in my diploma by 5/03 but I graduate high school on 5/27 so was wondering what is going to happen to my fafsa if I don't put it in and would what would I do for my spring application because I've made another application for fall 2021. Also for the spring 2021 applications i've made some mistakes checking back on it such as I said that im currently attending collage and high school at the same time but i'm not how will that effect my financial aid?


  • Hello Tom,

    For corrections to an already submitted enrollment application you will need to contact the records/admissions office at your school. They will be able to update your information for you. For questions regarding your FAFSA, I suggest contacting your Financial Aid Office so they can instruct you on how to move forward since you won't have your diploma until after the due date. I have provided the contact information below for you.

    Cosumnes River College

    8401 Center Parkway

    Sacramento, CA

    (916) 691-7411

    [email protected]

    Thank you,


  • Hello,

    My name is Rasha Odeh , The purpose of my email is that I originally registered for the Fall semester, however 

    because my residency has not been completed as I have not completed a full year in California yet, I am not eligible for financial aid which makes me unable to afford my classes.

    As a result, I would like to postpone my Fall semester to the Spring semester. Are there any steps for me to take in order postpone my semester?

    Or is there no course of action that I need to take but just register for the Spring semester. 

    Also, I wanted to know what I need to do to complete my financial aid application. Since I won't be taking classes until Spring,

    will I just have to submit another application or should I complete my current application for the Fall to have the documents ready for Spring?

    Thank you for your time.

  • Hello Rasha,

    If you have registered for classes already, please contact the college records/admissions office to see how to withdraw since you won't be attending the fall term. I also suggest you follow up with your Financial Aid Office to determine if you need to complete a new FAFSA for the Spring 2022 term or if your current FAFSA can be used for the 2022 aid year. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

    Las Positas College

    3000 Campus Hill Drive

    Livermore, CA

    (925) 424-1500

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