4 Year University Student Taking CCC Summer Courses

Hello, apologies if this isn't the correct place to ask this. I'm a student at a 4 year university planning on taking summer courses for GE credits at a community college over the summer (at Irvine Valley College to be specific). I've been to IVC before as a high school student, so I know most of the application process, but because I'm not applying as a 4 year university student I was unsure on a few things. What I should put as my degree and when I should say I "last attended" my university (since I'm a current student)? Do I just put transfer certification and spring 2021?


  • I would recommend selecting a Major that is close to the class you are looking to complete, or even a major that you are studying at your university, regardless of the Major you select, you can take the majority of classes offered except for classes that require you to be accepted into specialty programs such as Wild Life Management, Law Enforcement Academy, Fire Academy etc. If you would like to confirm the exact department that your class is under please contact the Admissions and Records Office at your College or their Counseling Department.

    As far as filling out last school attended, this would relate to high school or adult school attended. There is a separate section in the application you will be asked if you have attended any colleges and you will be able to list them by name and location as well as the dates you have attended.

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