Can a special major be created at a community college?

Montana State University (MSU) has a BS degree titled Diesel Technology: Equipment Management Option. American River College has an AS degree in Diesel Technology. The MSU degree includes about twice as many technology type courses as ARC, and it includes general management type courses. Sacramento State offers a BS in Bus. Admin. (General Management); the curriculum include the same management courses included in the MSU Diesel Tech/Equip Mgt degree.

I have no interest in going to Montana for school when California is capable of offering the same degree. What is the possibility of creating a major that mirrors that of the one offered by MSU? Maybe call it: Diesel Technology: General Management. All of the applicable courses are offered by both ARC (AS in Diesel Tech) and USC-Sacramento (BS in Bus. Admin. (Gen. Mgt.)

Is this something that can be accomplished under the "Special Major" program that is available? It would require a partnership between ARC and CSU-Sacramento.

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  • Angelica
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    Hello Paul,

    I would recommend making an appointment to speak with a counselor at American River College to find out if they have a Special Major option to be able to create your own major and to find out the process of how to start that process.

    You can call the office at 916-484-8572 to be added to the drop-in list. Also, please note that because of the campus closure all services are offered online.

    Email a Counselor for quick counseling questions: [email protected] Please include your Student ID# with all correspondence.

    To book a counseling appointment, please contact the Counseling department at 916-484-8572 or visit here

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