Can't resubmit Concurrent Enrollment Application

Hi, I tried to resubmit a concurrent enrollment application even though I left the previous application as a draft, it says "You cannot modify or resubmit applications you have already submitted"

for already submitted application.

I also tried to start a new application, it gave an error that I already have application for that term. Please see attached screenshots and advise.

Thank you, Sahil Sandasani


  • Hi Sahil,

    If you already begin an application to the college but did not finish that application, unfortunately you cannot go back in and start a new one. This is why the error message comes up saying "an in-progress application to this college and term exists". Moving forward, you have two options available. The first one is to delete your first application so that you can begin your new application or the second is to click on "resume" under my applications to finish your first application. If you need additional help with this issue, please quickly call our 24/7 helpdesk at 1-877-247-4836. Thank You.

  • Hi Tee,

    Can you please tell me how can I delete my first application and start a new one? Because I chose the wrong citizenship status. I tried to resubmit the application but I can't. Please help me.

    Thank You, Lunar

  • Hi Lunar,

    Once your application has already been submitted, unfortunately your college does not allow you to delete the application. To make any corrections or changes, you'll need to reach out the admissions & records department so that a staff member can assist you in selecting the correct citizenship. The contact information for your college is [email protected]. Thank You and please let me know if you have any other questions that I can assist you with.

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