Is there any way I can apply to multiple community colleges for summer classes?

I didn't know you could only apply to one college for each term. I was going to apply to two different colleges to keep my options open, but it won't let me apply for the second one. I would prefer to go to the second one but I can't apply to it. Is there anything I can do about this?


  • Hi Brandon,

    You can actually apply and submit your admissions application to multiple community colleges for the summer semester or any semester as this is allowed. However, if you submitted an application to a college that also has other colleges within that district, you won't be able to submit a direct application to that other college since these two colleges are under the same district. Pretty much your one application to that college is the same thing as applying to all other colleges within that district.

    For example, if you submitted your application to Orange Coast College for the summer semester, within this district there are also Golden West as well as Coastline. Your one application submitted for Orange Coast is the same application for Golden West and Coastline. Thank You and please let me know if you have any other questions that I can assist you with.

  • @Tee - how will I know if the other colleges get my application (for the example you mentioned above). I would like to apply to Golden West, Coast, etc. but how do I know which one to apply to that will also send it to the others (if I'm understanding correctly).

    Thank you, Diane / [email protected]

  • Hello Diane,

    Golden West College, Coastline Community College, Orange Coast College make up the Coastline Community College District. If you will be attending multiple colleges within the same college district you would fill out your application for one of those colleges, then contact the other college/s you are interested in attending and they will be able to assist you with registration to the colleges you are interested in attending.

    Generally speaking, when you are unsure of what colleges belong to the same district you can search the college website for the college district, then perform a search online for that college district which will list all of the colleges that belong to that particular district.

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