We have requested a 1098T but was told the school was not required to provide one because we received a Promise Grant.

The 1098T is needed to reduce our tax liability and is proof that our son attends college. We cannot claim any Educational credits without it. We didn’t pay much for books since we rented most.

Also, if our health insurance company needs the 1098T, I don’t understand why the school is defiant not to provide.



  • Hello,

    Unfortunately we are unable to assist with 1098T's. If the student has access to their student portal, this is something that can be viewed and printed from the portal. If you are unable to locate the 1098T information, please contact the records/admissions office for assistance with viewing it. In addition, you can also print your students grades showing proof of attendance from the portal. We have provided the contact information below. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

    Fresno City College

    1101 East University Avenue

    Fresno, CA

    (559) 443-8604

    Thank you,