College Application


During the process of completing my Sac City Application for Summer 2021, I had overlooked one of the questions regarding completing a certain amount of college units. I am already enrolled in CRC and submitted an application for ARC.

What are the steps to amend that portion of my applications?


  • Hello Michael,

    Because you have applied to colleges all within the same college district, in this case, the Los Rios Community College District made up of American River College, Sacramento City College, Consumnes River College, and Folsom Lake College they will all have access to the applications you have submitted to the other colleges. We recommend contacting the college that you had missing information in your application to inform them that you did not provide that information and they will let you know what options there are to update the information and if is necessary since you are already attending one of their other colleges within the district and will have access to your information in their student information system.