Bog Fee waiver

Hello, I've applied for the bog fee waiver on this website on December 11, 2020, and apparently, my school has never received my application even though my account has my confirmation number of the application I sent on that date. I've contacted my school many times about it and they told me that in the end, they've never received it at all? My school is San Jose City College. The only solution they've told me is just to apply for FAFSA and that's it. What do I do? Do I really need to apply for FAFSA so they can potentially get the information of my bog fee waiver? I even sent them a pdf of the completed bog fee waiver and they didn't do anything.


  • Hello Rodolfo,

    I would suggest providing the Financial Aid Office at San Jose City College with your confirmation number so that they can locate your application. If you have already done this and they still are unable to locate your submitted CCPG application, you will need to follow their steps to submit the FAFSA application. Please know that many of the colleges use the FAFSA application to determine if students will qualify for the California College Promise Grant. If you qualify for any additional funding or loans, you can always decline the funds. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I have also provided the link to contact the SJCC Financial Aid Office below. I suggest a Zoom session with the virtual front counter of Financial Aid if you can.

    SJCC Financial Aid Office

    Thank you,


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