GED Preparation classes

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I'm trying to apply for my Ged preparation classes but I can't get it. I have an account already and a student ID too, but is giving me a hard time to sign in for the classes. Hope someone can help me.


Eunice Storr


  • How do i get in class

  • Hi Eunice,

    If you already have an account along with your student ID number but your are unable to register for your classes, most likely there is still a hold (either assessment, orientation or business hold) on your account from the Admissions & Records Department or it is not yet time for you to register for your classes.

    If you correctly email your colleges admissions & records department, they will be able to actually look at your account and tell you why you are not able to register for classes.

  • Hi KennethGibson13,

    Unfortunately I did not understand what you mean by "How do I get in Class". Can you be more specific and detail so I can correctly answer your question for you.

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