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I'm trying to apply for my Ged preparation classes but I can't get it. I have an account already and a student ID too, but is giving me a hard time to sign in for the classes. Hope someone can help me.


Eunice Storr


  • How do i get in class

  • Hi Eunice,

    If you already have an account along with your student ID number but your are unable to register for your classes, most likely there is still a hold (either assessment, orientation or business hold) on your account from the Admissions & Records Department or it is not yet time for you to register for your classes.

    If you correctly email your colleges admissions & records department, they will be able to actually look at your account and tell you why you are not able to register for classes.

  • Hi KennethGibson13,

    Unfortunately I did not understand what you mean by "How do I get in Class". Can you be more specific and detail so I can correctly answer your question for you.

  • I haven’t receive my student id to start my ged classes can you help me with that thank you ..

  • Hello Milagro,

    I see you created your OpenCCC account, however you have not submitted your enrollment application. Please follow the steps below to apply and allow 1-2 business days to receive your welcome email from the college. Let us know if you have any questions. 

    1.) Please begin at

    2.) From the drop down menu select the college you are applying to and click 'Apply'.

    3.) You will be directed to the college’s Admissions page.

    4.) Select the online application link(s) from the Admissions page.

    5.) Sign in with your OpenCCC account information, you will then be directed to the 'My Applications' page.

    6.) Select 'Start a New Application' link to begin application.

    Thank you,


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