How do I apply to Bakersfield College?

I have created an OpenCCC account already, but when I go to apply through CCCApply, it opens the Steps to Enroll page on their website which states under step 1 to create an account with CCCApply with your valid email address then complete all fields of the Bakersfield College application. Where is the application?


  • I am applying to MT SAC, from what I know, after you finish and submit the CCCapplications, it will send you a email with your username for you to access the student portal, which will make you go the the Bakersfield application.

  • Hi Alejandra,

    When starting at you will select Bakersfield College from the drop down menu and click the blue apply button to the right. The page you land on will allow you to click on Step 1: Apply. You will then click on Apply for BC through CCCApply. This should take you to the page where students can Create an Account or Sign In. Since your account has been created, please sign in and begin your application. I suggest clearing your browser history and cache before trying again and please use Chrome, Safari or Firefox as your browser. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

    Thank you,


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