I have a problem...

So, 2 years ago when I was a sophomore, my mom had me take swimming college classes with here.

So fast forward to now, I'm trying to sign up to go to a college right, but my mom's account that she created for me still exists with my social security number in it. Will I need to get her to delete it or hand it over? I no longer speak with her due to personal reasons, so talking to her about this would be my last resort. I was wondering if I could just reset the name and password to that account, since that account is supposed to be for me after all. If not it's ok, I'll just need to find someone to supervise a visit with me and her.


  • Hi Beau,

    Your account username and password can be reset to a new username and password of your choice. Please give our helpdesk a call at 1-877-247-4836 when you have a moment so that we can assist you in recovering and resetting your account. Thank You.

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