Changing the community college i am attending

I was awarded the California Promise Grant at one college, but I am changing the college I will be attending, what do I do to ensure the promise grant goes to the new college? I did NOT start any classes, nor did I receive any refunds from the first college. I just want to make sure I'm covered on all ends. The first community college is not helpful at all with any direction on this.


  • Hi cstmonds003,

    If your new college is not a part of your old college or one of the sister colleges within that district, then you'll need to resubmit a whole new promise grant application for your new college. For example, if you applied to one of the colleges in Los Angeles and now you want to attend Santa Monica College, then you'll need to submit a new application to Santa Monica.

    However, if the new college happens to be another college within that same college district, you just need to contact the financial aid office of your new college and they will be able to pull up your submitted promise grant application on file. If you would like information on this or clarification, please contact your new colleges financial aid office. Thank You and please let me know if you have any other questions.

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