Can’t seem to apply to the summer/spring2021 term

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All that shows up on the menu is the fall/winter 2020 term

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  • Hope you guys reply to this

  • Hello,

    If you are trying to submit an enrollment application to your college, but do not see the term available, it is possible that your college is not accepting applications for one of two reasons.

    1.) The deadline to apply has already passed so your college is no longer accepting applications and the term is closed

    2.) It is too soon, and the term your applying for is not available yet

    Each college determines their application deadlines. Please go to your colleges' website or application page to view open-enrollment dates for each term. You should also give the office of Admissions and Records a call to verify a “hard date” for admission deadlines.

    Note: Some colleges will allow students to add a course if the student receives an instructor’s signature. For further details regarding this process, please contact the Admissions and Records office at your college.

    Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Thank you,


  • look its not working, can i just tick the winter term so i can finish the application quickly then later transfer to the summer term? heres the only thing that shows.

  • im hoping it will be available on october

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