Im trying to register in a class. Where do i go?

Intro to voice Mus 117


  • I need help

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    Hello Ch1,

    I would recommend contacting your college Admissions and Records, they will be able to assist you with your next steps to registration and assist you with your log in to your student portal so you are able to register for your classes. You can find their contact information from this page below.

  • HI

    I can not log into my portal for this class. I have been a past student , however I had to register as new. Please advise [email protected],com

    BIOL-6-F3347 (3347) Intro to Human Biology Lab


    08/17/2020-12/17/2020 Internet Course Lab Days to be Announced, Times to be Announced, Room to be Announced



    BIOL-5-F9657 (9657) Introduction to Human Biology

  • I want sign up for classes for fall semester but I can't sign or find my pass word, I just can't sign up for the Golden 4 course for English I need your help please I am new to this area . I graduated from San Francisco City College in San Francisco ca. Thank you

  • YES I want enrolled in CRN 100 F College writing or and English 102 Introduction to Literature F English 224 F C 103 Critical Reasoning and writing. I need the Golden four courses for English thank you. I try to log into my account but i can't help please thank you.

  • I want to enrolled in two classes per semester thank you, How do I get to the area were I can enrolled in these classes and pay my fee's are there FAQ financial AID available oh I am a Military Veteran thank you.

  • Hello Mitchxm,

    The best way to assist you with your account recovery would be to reach out to our helpdesk either by phone or email whichever works for you. The agents will be able to confirm your username and troubleshoot with you to assist you with your account recovery there information is below for your reference.

    California Community Colleges Helpdesk available 7 days a week 24 hours a day


    Email: [email protected].

  • I want to register for college fall semester, in English classes the Golden 4 Courses , English 100 F CRN 11695, English 102 F CRN 11747, English 103 F CRN 13247, English 224 F CRN 12182. I never heard back from you please help than you.

  • Hello Marshall,

    If you have taken a break of a semester or longer, you will need to submit a new enrollment application that must be processed before you begin class registration. Please follow the steps below to apply. If you need assistance logging into your OpenCCC account, please call our Helpdesk where agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Here’s how to apply:

    1.) Please begin at 

    2.) From the drop down menu select the college you are applying to and click 'Apply'.

    3.) You will be directed to the college’s Admissions page. 

    4.) Select the online application link(s) from the Admissions page.

    5.) Sign in with your OpenCCC account information, you will then be directed to the 'My Applications' page. 

    6.) Select 'Start a New Application' link to begin application.

    Once you have submitted an application it can take 1-2 business days for you to receive a student ID and enrollment information from your college. If more than 2 business days have passed and you have not been contacted by your college, please call our Helpdesk to confirm your application was submitted successfully.

    California Community Colleges Helpdesk available 7 days a week 24 hours a day


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