How to delete a mailing address on my account - it was a temporary address

I have logged into the openccc account and the only contact information that can be changed is the permanent address. There is no option to change the mailing address that I added which is a temporary address for 3 weeks.

I have chatted with student help desk, admissions and looked online.

I have not found a way and there is no option for selecting a mailing address on the openccc account now that it has been submitted to the college.

It has identified me as an out of state student as my temporary address is in CO. I am California resident/tax payer/student.


  • Hi bdalysawanson,

    To clarify, the OpenCCC account does not ask you for your mailing address so thats why there is no option in there to change/update the mailing address. It's the admissions application that directly asks to for your mailing address. So if you need to change your mailing address, you'll have to contact your colleges admissions & records department at [email protected] or by phone at (714) 564-6005. The Admissions & Records Department will also assist you with changing your status from out of state student to CA resident.

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