Finishing my SWC application on my CCC account

I recently made an OpenCCC account and then got to the point where I was working on my application for Southwestern. However, I do not believe I finished my application but now I cannot use my OpenCCC account to finish it. Whenever I log onto my OpenCCC account, it just takes me to my own information page and I can't access anything else.


  • Hello Brianna,

    Please go to and select Southwestern College from the drop down and then select the blue Apply button to the right. Follow the steps to apply online. Once you get to the Sign In or Create an Account page, please sign in. You will then land on a page that says My Applications. If you do not, you can then select My Applications at the top. This view will provide you with submitted applications and in progress applications. You are able to see when you submitted your application and your confirmation number. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

    Thank you,