Im a new student and i cant seem to register for classes

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i did all the steps completed my finaicial l aid but cant seem to register for classes is there something i need to do before that


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    You need to register to the community college and ask how to apply classes for the coming semester or quarter. They should give you the website to go to and apply classes. Maybe the FAFSA application hasn't gone through yet or there's something wrong with their website. You have to be patient. It might take 2 to 3 days before they have received all the information for the FAFSA to be received by the community college, what I mean is that the computer needs time to submit all the application. If anything is still wrong with you not being able to apply classes, you should call a representative of the community college. I'm sorry if this reply doesn't help!
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    Ok thank you
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    Hello Shaniqua,  

    We recommend reaching out to your community college that you submitted your financial aid application to. They will be able to check the status and inform you of any information you may need to provide in order for them to confirm the amount of financial assistance you will be eligible to receive this next term. You may also want to check with Admissions and Records Office at your campus, to check if there are any holds on your account that could also be preventing you from registering for classes. 

    Solano Community College Financial Aid
    Phone: (707) 864-7103
    Email: [email protected]
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