I can't apply to different colleges for the same term

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I applied to ELAC for summer 2020 but they don't have the class I need which is Microbiology. I now want to apply to LACC for the same term but it is not allowing me to because I am already registered in another college for that term. What can I do? I really need this class asap so that I can apply to Nursing school :'(


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    Ask an ELAC representative to un enroll you for Summer 2020 and tell him or her you want to enroll at LACC for Summer 2020 for microbiology. Umm there's a problem though. LACC's Summer 2020 term started June 15th, 2020, so you're probably late to enroll, you can still try though, it might be different since LACC is online right now. I don't know if you can do it but you can call ELAC at 323 265 8650. Good luck trying to enroll late! You're probably going to have to enroll in Fall 2020 at LACC or call and ask ELAC if the community college has Microbiology this Fall 2020. 
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    Hello Lillie, 

    The great thing about Los Angeles Community College District is that they allow you to submit one application per semester for the entire district, so there is no need to submit another application to Los Angeles City College. One application submitted per term, for the college district, is sufficient to register and apply to other colleges within the Los Angeles College District including:
    • East Los Angeles College

    • Los Angeles City College

    • Los Angeles Harbor College

    • Los Angeles Mission College

    • Los Angeles Pierce College

    • Los Angeles Southwest College

    • Los Angeles Trade-Tech College

    • Los Angeles Valley College

    • West Los Angeles College
    If you would like to now attend a new college within that district, you will need to first, wait until you have received your student id number from your old college (college you applied to), then second, contact your new (preferred) college's Admissions & Records department and inform them about you transferring from the other school so that they can download and process your application on file into their system. 

    For more information regarding the enrollment process and or how to successfully transfer into your new college, please feel free to contact your new college's Admissions & Records office for additional details and explanations. Their generous staff is always at your service. 

    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to let me know.
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