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  • nolan
    edited July 2020
    I am not sure what to do as I do not have an ID number and need one to register for classes, all I have is an OpenCCC account
  • Angelica
    edited July 2020
    Hello Nolan, 

    Below are the steps on how to log in and apply to the college:

    1.) Please begin at 
    2.) From the drop-down menu select the college you are applying to and click 'Apply'.
    3.) You will be directed to the college’s Admissions page. 
    4.) Select the online application link(s) from the Admissions page.
    5.) Sign in with your OpenCCC account information, you will then be directed to the 'My Applications' page. 
    6.) Select 'Start a New Application' link to begin the application.

    Once you have submitted an application to a college it can take 1-2 business days for you to receive your student ID and enrollment information. If more than 2 business days have passed and you have not been contacted by your college, please call our Helpdesk to confirm your application was submitted successfully.

    Unable to access your Open CCC account? please contact the California Community Colleges Helpdesk for assistance at 1-877-247-4836 or by email [email protected]. The California Community Colleges Helpdesk have well-trained Agents standing by that will be able to help you with this process so that you are able to continue moving forward. They are available 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

    Please feel free to give them a call in order to resolve your problem and how you can reset your password and or confirm your username.
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