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My son tried registering, but he keeps receiving a message that he's already registered, even though he never has. We attempted to retrieve a username and password, but are not able to access any account.


  • TeeTee
    edited July 15
    Hi Michelle, 

    Which account are you guys attempting to recover. Is it the OpenCCC account to submit an admissions application to the college or the student portal account to registered for classes. If you guys are trying to recover his OpenCCC account and needs assistance, call our 24/7 helpdesk at 1-877-247-4836. On the other hand, if you guys are trying to recover his username/password to the student portal account, you'll need to contact the college directly. 
  • No matter what I try I can't open to re-register (returning student).

    Brian Serros (805) 201-5717

  • Why can't I log in?

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