I need my student ID .

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I applied to ELAC on April not knowing it was going to be the school I would end up choosing. I contacted the school general admission hotline as well as the help center and the community college line which just puts me on hold or directs me to elac video chat room which needs a login and password .I am very frustrated because I emailed admissions as well and sill have no reply. What do I do?


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    Hi Natasha, 

    Have you attempted to email Joanna Hernandez, Teddy Pon or Martha Serna all whom I see on the colleges website that are staff members at the Admissions Office that deals with the application. If you have not email them, I suggest you send these staff members an email requesting for your student ID number. Their emails are as below: 

    Joanna Hernandez-[email protected]
    Teddy Pon-[email protected]
    Martha Serna-[email protected]

    Moving forward, besides emailing the college and the chat room, there isn't much that you can do when the college is not doing their job/part in getting back to you. If you have time, I would recommend that you file a formal complaint against the Admissions Office. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank You. 
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