Do I skip this section?

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Before I submit the Special Student Admittance Form, do I have to have the signature by my school principal. Unfortunately, I cannot due to closure of school.


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    Hello Monica,

    Please contact your high school, they will be able to advise you with how to proceed. You may also want to reach out to your College Admissions and Records, they will also be able to assist you with how to proceed with your status. You can find your college's contact information from this list.
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    I’ve tried. It keeps saying to enter a password to call that specific line.
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    What college are you applying to?
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    Antelope Valley College
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    I would recommend contacting Antelope Valley College with their Help form here. Only the admissions and records office will be able to advise you on who else will be able to sign off in order to be a High School concurrent enrollment/Dual Enrollment student. Typically, you will not be allowed to register until the forms are submitted to your college.
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