How do I get my student ID I never got mine

How do I get my student ID I never got one 


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    Hi Sebastian, 

    If you have not yet received your student ID number, you must contact your colleges Admissions & Records Department so that a staff member can provide you with your student ID number. Admissions & Records Department is in charge of enrollment as well as registration so they are going to be the ones that will be able to give you your student ID number. Thank You.
  • how do I get in contact?
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    Which community college did you applied too so that I can provide you with their contact information. 
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    I have the same question and I applied to West LA Community College. May you please help me as well? 
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    Hi Jasmine, 

    If you have not yet received your student ID number after applying to West LA College, you'll need to correctly contact the Admissions & Records Department at [email protected] so that a staff member can provide you with your student ID number. 
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    Hi I am a Highschool student and made a Open CCC account in order to take summer classes in ELAC. I have not received an email of my student ID to create a LACCD email. May I have some help as well? I am not sure how to get my application accepted due to not having a LACCD email.
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    Hi Ladi Aguilar, 

    I see that your admissions application has been submitted to ELAC on 5/21/2020. Since your college has not yet gotten back to you about your student ID number, you must now reach out to them for your student ID number. No one is currently working at the office due to the virus but according to their website, if you chat with a admissions staff at they will be able to help you. As well, I also recommend that you email them at [email protected]
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    I also not got my student edu mail can some one help me
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    Hi Shannon, 

    Typically in order to get your .edu email, you'll need to schedule a counseling meeting with a counselor to go over your educational goal. Once your educational goal has been established, your .edu email will be provided to you. If you have any questions about this, please contact your college.
  • I was sent my ID a year ago, but I need it now and I can't find the email. How do I find my ID?

  • Hello Abby,

    If you have forgotten your student ID for your college please contact their admissions and records office at your earliest convenience for assistance with that information. Your college will have access to your student records and be able to provide you information on your next steps to registration.

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