How do i access my transcripts for trade tech


  • TeeTee
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    Hi Lisa,

    You can access your transcripts by logging into your student portal account for the college. Once your in, you will be able view all the classes you have completed as well the grades that you received in it. If you need help with logging into your portal, please contact your colleges Admissions Office at [email protected]. If for any reason you are trying to access your official transcripts to be sent to another college or for an employer, you'll need to order your transcripts through
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    I joined this platform because I thought it would be the one place I could go for unofficial transcripts. I'm terribley dissapointed I have to create online accounts for ALL the community colleges I have attened since 1993 (at least 6 schools). C'mon y'all. Its totally possible to make this website a onestop shop. I have a dream, someday this website will be used as a central login for student's unofficial transcripts. 🤗

  • Hi Cammie,

    To clarify, you are not required to make an online account for all the community colleges that you have attended since 1993 just for the purpose of obtaining your unofficial transcripts. Generally speaking, if you need to obtain unofficial copies of your transcripts, your colleges admissions & records department can print one to you on the spot at their office or you can always log into your student portal account and under your grades/transcripts, print an unofficial one out.

    If you need your username/password to sign into the student portal account, your college will be happy to provide you your username/password. Please note that your colleges has set these two ways up for you to obtain your unofficial transcripts so if you prefer that unofficial transcripts are obtain some other ways, please talk with your college directly. Thank You and please let us know if you have any additional questions that we can help answer for you.

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