Dual Enrollment Student Cannot Provide SSN

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I'm helping a high school student dual-enroll at De Anza College for classes starting next week and she cannot provide her SSN. The college wrote back asking her to submit proof of California residency but she cannot provide tax returns since her parents do not pay taxes. Is the only solution to pay the unit fees (because high school students otherwise will not pay fees)?


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    Hello Visa, 

    I found this information on De Anza Colleges Admissions and Records Department you can find the information on this page for Admissions Requirements as well as other important information. Please let them know that your student is a High School Student when you contact them. This will assist them with providing you the information they need to assist you with the registration process.
    To establish California residency and qualify for in-state tuition rates and fees, you must:
    • Have been physically present in California for one year and one day prior to the term in which you wish to enroll.
    • Intend to make California your permanent home for other than a temporary purpose.
    • Have an eligible status that does not preclude you from establishing residency in the U.S. under the Immigration and Naturalization Act. This status must have been established one year and one day prior to the beginning of the term in which you wish to enroll.
    If there is any question about residency, the burden is on you to clearly prove both physical presence in California and intent to establish California residence.
    Students who meet the criteria above can submit the proof in order to pay for California Resident Fees instead of Non-Resident Fees. 
    If you wish to apply for a change of status, you must do so by following the Residence Determination and Appeal procedure and submit all required documents before the beginning of the quarter in which you plan to enroll. If that deadline is not met, the status change won't take effect until  the next term for which you enroll.
    For any other questions regarding residency and how to provide that information to your college please reach out to the Admissions and Records at DeAnza College directly. I have provided their contact information below for your reference. 

    De Anza College
    21250 Stevens Creek Blvd
    Cupertino, CA
    (408) 864-5300
    DeAnza Online Help Request Form