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I used to attend LA City college many years ago, I didn't complete degree at the time now  I want to go back where I was and get my degree.


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    Hi Miwa,

    To schedule an appointment or speak to an academic counselor at LA City College, please visit the colleges website on live chat with an counselor at  
  • Hi, I am not sure what I need to enroll and attend online classes. I need some help getting started please :) I would like to be a counsoler. Thank you for the help.

  • Hi Nabreen1,

    If this is your first time applying to a community college to take online classes, you'll need to first create an OpenCCC account at in order to apply online. Once you successfully created your account, please go to CCCApply.Org and select your college from the drop down menu and sign in to begin/complete your application.

    After submitting your application, generally the college will take upwards to 2 business days to process your application and email you back with your welcome email including your student ID number. Next, you will need to complete both orientation and assessment. When your orientation and assessment has been completed, your college will provide you a date/time to register for your online classes in your student portal account. Don't forget to also submit a FAFSA application to see if you qualify for the federal grant to help you pay for your online classes. If you have additional questions or need clarifications, please contact your college for more information and details.

  • Hi i am a new student i need to make a appointment for orientation and assessment

  • need some help getting classes

  • Hello @perrydu

     I see that you were able to successfully submit your online admissions application for Los Angeles Trade Technical College at 9/12/2022 4:29PM. Now that you have successfully submitted your admissions application please allow 1 to 2 business days for the college to contact you with your student information; e.g. student ID #, registration times, assessment information, and orientation. If it has been more than 1-2 business days, please contact your colleges records/admissions department.

     If you have any further questions or would like to make any changes to your submitted online admissions application please contact your college's Admissions and Records office.

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