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I have applied for summer program almost a week ago, Still not processed. Is there a reason for delay when i am told that it will approved in 1-2 business days


  • You must check in with your counselor or an admissions representative. Follow up by phone first and then by email if need be. You can have this sorted out no problem. Thanks again.

    Sebastian T. Falcon
  • Ask your counselor and check out these links.

    Arizona State University Apply

    Write Vice President Mike Pence and Ask About Scholarship Opportunities
    USAF Officer Training School

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    USAF Fighter Pilot In Training
    Volunteer Lieutenant USAF AUXILIARY
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    Hello Amogh,

    Only your colleges that you applied too will be able to let you know the reason of the delay or why you have not yet heard back from them after you submitted your application. Please contact them directly by email to find out why your application has not been process as well as to find out your student ID number and registration information. 

    Santa Monica College: [email protected] 
    Irvine Valley College:
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    no body is available at cranium cafe, and i am not able to register to classes. it has been almost a week not and my application is still pending. I am worried all classes will be full :(
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    I am sorry that no one is available at cranium cafe or the admissions & records office. Unfortunately, there is not much that I can do when the issue/problem directly lies with the college. According to IVC when I called them at 949-451-5315, if you email them at [email protected], they will respond back. Also something worth trying is that you can email your professor directly and see if they can help add you to their class. 
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    When I tried contacting them it said that i can only contact them via ivc email but the problem is that since the college hasn't fully processed my application, I don't have an ivc email so I can't contact the people at the given email address.
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