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Financial Aid

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Hello so I wont eligible for financial aid next semester due to my poor gpa score but if I improve it in the summer will I be eligible for it again the upcoming semester ?


  • #1 Submit The Forms Regardless, FAFSA will come in handy and is required of all college students whatever the financial aid status.

    #2 Right now basically every community college requires that you fax info, do check ins with counselors, teachers, and staff its really easy and definitely worth it. Teachers are taking it light and making sure to give students exemptions because of the problems with The Corona Virus.

    #3 Community College gives you the best opportunity to save money and get school done. Make sure you do your FAFSA so you can pay for yourself so you can do things like pay for rent, groceries, schoolbooks and the like, when you get the chance.

    #4 FAFSA is surely the fastest way through college and is now absolutely required. Make sure to put down your school of choice and to reach out much in advance as the next semesters for most schools are starting roughly by June 15th, 2020.

    #5 Make sure to not give up and if possible aim high and go for a 4 Year School when possible. As far as your testing scores just get the next step done one by one. Community College is a great opportunity but if you can the 4 year school, State Or University will pass most students by fact, whereas Community College takes most students have I ever seen until at least the age of 24-26 to even get back in there. Keep it up and do a great job, fight for it.

    The Air Force highly recommends Arizona State University for a fast completion rate with 12 - 18 credits offered in 6 week intervals. The only way to get this done is with a community college by your side, so go clean up your record and expunge it with a 12 credit Community College Academic Renewal. Ask your counselor and check out these links.

    Arizona State University Apply

    Write Vice President Mike Pence and Ask About Scholarship Opportunities
    USAF Officer Training School

    Sebastian Falcon
    USAF Fighter Pilot In Training
    Volunteer Lieutenant USAF AUXILIARY

    Sign up and apply here. Make sure you list whatever you can and fill it out to the best of your ability, do not worry but always be honest.

    I assure you follow these steps and you will get done fast. Thank you again.

  • Tee
    edited June 2020
    Hi Sergio, 

    Generally speaking if you improve your GPA, you should be eligible for financial aid. Please double check and confirm this with your colleges financial aid office as well. Thank You.