find the exact number of a class

I am applying  for financial repayment of classes I have taken but the portal for WLAC does not list what numbers assigned to my classes were.  Do I need a catalog from that year to retrieve that? looked everywhere on line.  On the portal.  Now a need help, Please form due by 5/27/2020....Marsha Center


  • Tee
    edited May 2020
    Hi Marsha, 

    To better understand your question, I like to know who is requesting this form or what is the name of the form that you are completing. Is the form for you to pay back money you owe or to get reimburse for the classes you taken. Also generally speaking, if need the numbers to your classes, the Admissions & Records Office would be the correct place to go because they would have the numbers you are looking for. 
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