How to edit wrong information out of my account? Or do I need to delete it?

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I accidentally clicked "I plan to apply for admission to college or financial aid" when making my account, when I didn't mean to. Can I edit it out or do I have to entirely delete my account and make another one? Because i tried making another account as is (with a different email) and it wouldn't let me. If i do have to delete, then how do i do that?


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    Hello Sornavalli,

    You are not required to apply for Finacial Aid even if you did select, that you would be applying for the assistance. If you are not interested in those services then all you would do is not apply for them. There is no need to delete your OpenCCC account if you have selected that you plan to apply for admissions or financial aid. It is always up to you whether you apply for admissions or for Financial Assistance. 

    If you would like to access your existing account, please contact our Helpdesk available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, by email or phone to assist you with your questions. 

    California Community Colleges Help Desk
    [email protected]
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    Comparing my sign up experience with that of a friend who did not click that option, it asked her about online summer classes but I can't seem to access it. How do I fix this? The only thing I can really do on the main website is apply for colleges. I tried calling the provided number, but it said it was down for maintenance and to try after 11 pm.
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