MVC intended major for AS Nursing/RN

I'm applying to Moreno Valley College and I'm having trouble deciding what the best option would be in the intended major or program of study for AS Nursing/RN


  • Hey Erenny my name is Sebastian and I go to a California CC. I read your post and I'd like to help. Step 1: Check in with a School Counselor, make an appointment. They're required and they always help you towards finding your own way. Calling is super easy! Also do these by yourself. Step 2: Pull up a window on The Moreno Valley College IGETC 2019-2020 otherwise the TAG. Step 3: Check to see through the school website if they offer Certification Or more immediate Career Placement opportunities at Moreno Valley. ( I'm sure they have several resources that could direct you in a great Nursing Program. ) Step 4: Check in with for your plan. Link up with your school of choice i.e UCSB with Moreno Valley to see an evaluation of which classes you need to take, for the transfer! It's all easy, try and find time when you can I'm sure you'll do great and have a lot of fun!!! Sebastian Falcon USAF Auxiliary: Civil Air Patrol Volunteer Families First GoCivilAirPatrol.Com
  • Angelica
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    Hello Erenny,

    I recommend that you pick and select a major that in the area of study that you would like to go into such as Registered Nursing or Vocational Nursing etc. I suggest that you pick a temporary major that you would like as a career job and after your meeting with an academic counselor, change your major at Admissions & Records. As always, Admissions & Records staff members are more than happy to assist you in this process and any further questions you may have regarding your program of study. You can also schedule a meeting with a counselor who can also assist in the selection of a major I have provided their contact information for your reference counseling: email [email protected] or text (951) 888-1414.

    If you have any additional questions regarding this matter, please feel free to let me know and I will be more than happy to help you.
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