Trying to take my GED classes

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I am from Memphis Tennessee my name is Charles Crump I'm 33 years old I'm trying to get my GED at the Southwest community college in California so new to this


  • Angelica
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    Hello Charles,

    If you are interested in attending General Education courses to receive your General Education Diploma, you can check with your local community college class listing online or contact their Admissions and Records to see if they offer the GED Prep course at their campus. Some community colleges will offer the Prep courses so that you learn the information that will be on the GED Test/s that you will have to schedule to take on your own when you are prepared to take it. For more information and resources about earning your GED please visit this page on finding a community college or Adult Education Center in your area that offers the GED Prep Courses.
  • i live in chicago and im trying to get my GED im 36 years old its overdue

  • Hi Amara2021,

    Generally speaking, if you are looking to get your GED, check with your local adult education school first. You can also look up online to see what your options is for taking the GED test online. Please let me know if you have any other questions that I can assist you with.

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