It seems like i got ccpg waiver but i already paid the fees before

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It seems like I got CCPG waiver but i already paid the fees before i got the aid, how do i got the fees that i already paid?

please help thank you!


  • Angelica
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    If you have met the eligibility for the California College Promise Grant and have already paid for your classes and fees out of pocket you should be getting issued a credit from your campus. The credit may or may not appear on your student account in the portal, or it will be distributed to you either via direct deposit with your bank account, by mail with a check, or some campuses utilize a debt card where financial aid gets distributed to. You will need to contact your Financial Aid Office to confirm that you have been approved for the funding and also to confirm what form of disbursement method they utilize or how to set that up with them. I have provided your college's Financial Aid Office contact information below for your reference.

    Mt. San Antonio College Financial Aid Office
    Phone: (909) 274-4450
    Email: [email protected]
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