I haven't received any notification about my CCPG waiver

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I haven't received any notification about my CCPG waiver and i want to know if it's approved or denied quickly before I pay. I looked up on internet and it said only take 2 or 3 days however it's been more than that. Kindly your answer please. Thank you.


  • Hello natanael my name is Sebastian and I would like to help you by providing you an external link to better explain the process for the CCPG waiver and fafsa. According to the website I had reviewed it looks like you chose The Option Eligibility C as described here: 

    Eligibility Method C
    • Be a California Resident
    • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and list the Skyline College Federal School Code: 007713
    • Students will receive a confirmation that their FAFSA application was processed by the Department of Education within three days after submitting the application
    • Students qualify based on at least $1,104 of need based on the FAFSA or Dream Application. Note: For EOPS students, students are required to be eligible for A or B methods or have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of 0 to receive their services.
    Simply put just because it will go under review doesnt mean that the money will be made immediately available. Here is a link to the webiste and sorry for any misunderstandings this may cause or your situation altogther. My best wishes, keep trying and all will be well.



  • Tee
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    Hi Natanael,

    Unfortunately it doesn't take 2 to 3 days to process your promise grant application and for the financial aid office to get back to you whether you have been approved or denied. On average it can can up to two weeks of processing time. 2 to 3 days are just the processing time for an admissions application.

    If you wish to know whether you have been approved/denied or just want to get an update, you must call your colleges financial aid office. I see that you submitted your grant application to Mt. San Antonio College on Feb 1st so the phone number for the financial aid office is (909) 274-4450 or their email is [email protected]

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