Can you transfer to a closer community colleges during the semester due to family emergency hardship

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I am currently enrolled at Evergreen Valley college, I had a sequence of emergency family events that now have made it a hardship to get to the school from where I live. Can I transfer to another community college that is closer so I can get to school? If so what happens with fincial aid etc. and how do I transfer?


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    Hi Noah,

    Yes, you can transfer to a community college nearby but keep in mind that you'll need to submit a new application to that school and complete their steps to enrollment in order to register for classes next semester. In addition, since you will no longer be attending Evergreen, more than likely you'll need to complete a late drop petition signed by your instructors in order for the college to officially drop you from your classes (note: this form will need to be returned to the Admissions & Records Office).

    As far as financial aid goes, you'll need to talk directly with your new colleges financial aid department and see what the process is. For more information and clarification regarding transferring along with dropping your classes, I recommend that you see a academic counselor at Evergreen. Thank You and please let me know if you have any other questions. 
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