How do I get a CSID?

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Hello. I am having trouble obtaining my CSID. I've created an account and gotten my CCCID, but how would I go about to get my CSID? Thanks. 


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    Hello Amy,

    Once you have submitted your enrollment application, please allow the college 1-2 business days to email you with any additional tasks you might need to complete as well as your student ID and student portal login credentials.  If you do not receive this information within 1-2 business days of submitting your enrollment application, please call your records/admissions office.  Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

    Thank you,

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    Ok lol
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    Hi Mrs. Alvarado, 

    Thank you so much! Helped a bunch! 

    - Amy
  • How can we find my daughter's CSID number if she's forgotten it? We've tried calling and emailing her high school counselor and San Diego Mesa College directly with no luck. She is a senior in high school and would like to register for a SD Mesa College class. Thank you.

  • Hello Jan,

    Are you looking for your daughter's student ID unfortunately The college will need to assist you with that information we do not have access to her number. I would recommend contacting admissions and records at her college for assistance with this information.

    San Diego Mesa College

    7250 Mesa College Drive

    San Diego, CA

    (619) 388-2682

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