Transfer out of State university to California CC.

Hello. I have a transcript from Arizona State University. My ultimate goal is to transfer into the UC system. I would like to start at a community college. How can I transfer my ASU credits to a CC?


  • Angelica
    edited June 2019
    Hello John,

    You will have to order your transcript from your current college and send it over to the college you intend on enrolling into. We recommend getting in contact with both your current college and future college Admissions and Records to get their contact information on how to order your transcripts from your current college, and then where the transcripts need to be sent to your future campus. 

    Once your future college receives the transcript from your previous college, they will be able to give you credit for the coursework you have already completed from ASU. You would repeat this process once you are ready to transfer into the Univerisity of California (UC) system but then order transcripts from ASU, and your California Community College to send to your California University.
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