I need my butte college ID

trying to make an account for butte glenn community college 


  • Tee
    edited May 2019
    Hello Seige, 

    If you need your Butte College ID and have already submitted your admissions application, please call Butte College at 530-895-2511 to obtain your student ID number. However, if you need your ID but have not yet created your OpenCCC account in order to apply online to Butte, please do so by following the instructions below. 

    1.) Please begin at CCCApply.org 
    2.) From the drop down menu on the right hand side select the college you are applying to, and click on the green 'Apply' link, you will be directed the college’s Admissions page. 
    3.) Select the online application link(s) on the Admissions page, you will then be directed to OpenCCC. 
    4.) Select 'Create an Account.' Account creation is a one-time process, please save account information for future application submissions with OpenCCC.
    5.) After creating an OpenCCC account please click on the 'Continue' tab, you will then be directed to the 'My Applications' page. 
    6.) Select 'Start a New Application' link to begin online application.

    If you have any problems creating your account and need one on one help, contact our helpdesk at 1-877-247-4836 where we have Agents available to help you.
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