Fee Waiver w/o applying for FAFSA

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I applied for the fee waiver for Summer and Fall 2019, but I did not submit my FAFSA. Is that why I haven’t gotten my fee waiver approved? (I didn’t apply for FAFSA this year because my councilor said I should wait till I transfer to a 4 yr)


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    Hi Kimberly, 

    The answer to your question that you asked is "no" because you don't need to submit an FAFSA application just so that your CA College Promise Grant (formerly known as BOG) can get approved. To clarify so that you understand and know, the grant application is only approve base on your income and or your parents if you are still living with them. If you or your parents doesn't make a lot, chances are you will be approved for the waiver meanwhile if you or your parents makes too much, then you won't be approved for the grant waiver. Please also keep in mind, that on average it can take the financial aid office at your college anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to process your application and get back to you whether you were approved or not.