Resume Studies- Not sure Where to Start

I'm a returning student after 15 years. My goal is to transfer to a CSU and obtain a business degree. I would like to begin my studies ASAP but I have a few obstacles:
  • I'm living outside of the U.S. until November 2019
  • I would need to take online courses until 1st semester 2020
Are there any options for me to get started now?

Thank you in advance for your time and help!



  • Tee
    edited May 2019
    Hi Colm, 

    The best option for you to get started with your studies is by submitting your online admissions application to the community college that offers the online courses you need for your degree/transfer. If you choose to begin your online classes this summer, submit an application for the summer term and start completing your steps to enrollment such as orientation/assessment.

    Once you have completed all your steps to enrollment, the college will then allow you to registered for the available online courses for the summer semester. Please keep in mind, since summer is a shorter term, not all online classes that you need/want will be available comparable to the fall semester which will have more classes and options. Should you have anymore questions or see what other options are available for you, please contact the colleges Admissions & Records Office. Thank You.
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