lost BOG fee waiver after changed to another college.

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Hi. I applied BOG fee waiver from Fall 2018 to Summer 2019 for both OCC and GWC. In Fall 2018, I studied at OCC and got BOG fee waiver. In Spring 2019, I changed to study at GWC, and I got BOG fee waiver for GWC, but I lost the BOG fee waiver for Fall 2018 at OCC although I got all As and completed all the courses I attended at OCC. Is that possible? So next time, I can only apply BOG fee waiver for 1 college for the whole academic year?


  • Angelica
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    Hello Tai,

    When you are attending multiple colleges and receiving financial assistance such as the California College Promise Grant formerly known as the Board of Governors Fee Waiver (BOGFW), you will only receive a payment from the college where you are taking the most units from. You may still be eligible to receive aid from the college with the lesser units you are enrolled in, however, the college where you are taking the higher number of units will be responsible for disbursing those funds to you in a lump sum for all the colleges you are enrolled in.

    Because Golden West College and Orange Coast College are in the same community college district Coast Community College District, I would recommend contacting your colleges Financial Aid office if you are planning on attending colleges within the same college district to make sure if they need you to submit to both colleges or if one will suffice for both.
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