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Is there a limit on sharing the transcripts in between LACC and ELAC?

My home school is LACC. I started with Major in English, and changed to Graphic design. I had taken under 20 units total at LACC. Now I am attending to ELAC, after my current relocation.

I would like to take classes here only rather than commute to LACC. Is it OK to be graduated? Or, is there a limit on sharing the transcripts?

If It would be OK,
Can I talk to a counselor from ELAC to change my major?

If it would not,
Should I submit another application to ELAC? Would they accept the transcripts that I had taken from LACC and ELAC so far?


  • Tee
    edited March 2019
    Hi Jiyoung, 

    There is no limit on sharing the transcripts between the two colleges of LACC and ELAC. If you want to change your major, you can always talk with a academic counselor and they would be able help you with making the change. Moving forward, since you relocated and will now be attending ELAC, please submit a whole new application for the upcoming term so that ELAC knows you are planning to take classes at their campus. Lastly, all colleges accepts transcripts so please submit your transcripts from LACC to ELAC. Thank You and please let me know if you have any additional questions that I can answer for you.