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I applied to LA Valley College in early May and since then, a lot of things have changed, making the application all wrong now. I want to go to PCC instead but because they are in the same district, I cannot apply for the same term. Seeing as there are multiple things wrong with my application, I would rather submit a whole new one to PCC. So, I have tried multiple times to call LA Valley College to see if they can delete or even just transfer my application but no one is picking up. I do not know what to do at this point, should I just drive down to LA Valley College to speak to them in person?


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    Hello Julia,

    The great thing about Los Angeles Community College District is that they allow you to submit one application per semester for the entire district, so there is no need to submit another application to Pierce College. You will still be able to register for classes at Pierce College or any College in the Los Angeles Community College District for that matter.

    Your initial submitted application to Los Angeles Valley College will suffice to all the Colleges in this District.  I recommend you contact your Admissions and Records office and inquire about how to enroll for courses at their location.
    Pierce College Admissions:

    6201 Winnetka Avenue
    Woodland Hills, CA
    (818) 719-6404

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    PCC is Pasadena City College, does the information you just provided still apply? Also, I as stated, there are many things on the application that I submitted that are now false, so how would I change them?
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    Hello Julia,

    Once your application has been submitted, it cannot be edited by you or the college/s you have applied to. However, since you will not be attending Los Angeles Valley College, you do not need to update/correct this information at this time with Admissions and Records at Los Angeles Valley College. You can simply apply to Pasadena City College if this is now your preferred college because they are their own Community College District. To submit your application for Pasadena City College please start here

    Note: The response above would only apply if you had already applied to any of the colleges listed below that belong to Los Angeles Community College District. They are: 
    • East Los Angeles College

    • Los Angeles City College

    • Los Angeles Harbor College

    • Los Angeles Mission College

    • Los Angeles Pierce College

    • Los Angeles Southwest College

    • Los Angeles Trade-Tech College

    • Los Angeles Valley College

    • West Los Angeles College

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