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Hi, I am an international student from Santa Monica College, recently I got the permission from my counselor for the summer semester English 101 class application of West Los Angeles College. However, when I was trying to submit the application form online, the system showed that they found an existing account based on the information I entered, and would send me an email to reset the password, but I've been waiting for two days still not received the email. (I checked the spam and trash)I have also tried to access the account by answering the security questions but failed because I could not recall I had set these security questions.  Also, when I was applying online I realized there's only spring and winter semester available. Is this mean I cannot apply for part-time Summer semester? I will really appreciate it if I can get to know what to do next. 
Thank you very much!


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    Hi Zhichen, 

    If you did not receive the email to reset your password or cannot answer your security questions, you'll need to call and get help with recovering your account. At this time, please contact the California Community Colleges Helpdesk at 1-877-247-4836 so that an Agent can assist you with your username and password. 

    Moving forward, I was able to check and verify that the online admissions application for West LA is showing the summer term to apply so when you finally have access to your account, please select the correct semester as Summer 2018. Thank You and please let know if you have any additional questions.  
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