Can't find economics major when applying to De Anza college

I want to apply as an economics major with the goal of transferring to a 4 year institution. However, on the openCCC application page, where it says "intended major or program of study", I can't find the economics AAT major. This is strange as the major appears on the De Anza website, and I can't continue the application without filling out my major. Any ideas why this is? Thanks!


  • Tee
    edited April 2018
    Hi Yam, 

    Unfortunately your college is the only one that can explain to you why they offer the degree/major but does not directly show up in the section of intended major or program of study on the application. You'll have to call the Admissions Office at (408) 864-5300 and speak to a staff member about this and what they recommend you putting down as your major. 
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