Why is there no summer enrollment for new students>

I would like to apply for MPC for the Summer 2018 semester. I plan to go to the school that has the radiology program, but this summer i need to do a couple more prereqs before i can apply for the program. So which Campus should i apply to and why is there no option to enroll in the summer programs for new students? Please Help!


  • Tee
    edited February 2018
    Hi Caitlin, 

    Ultimately you want to apply to any colleges within distance that offers the remaining courses that you need to complete for your prerequisites. Check to see if MPC offers any courses over the summer and see if they have anything online as well. Also check or call other colleges near you and see if they are offering the courses you need. If you happen to find a college near you that offers your courses, then I would recommend that you apply for the college to take that summer course for your program. In addition, you can always refer to the California Virtual Campus (CVC) website and type in the names of your prereqs to see if those courses are actually being offer online at a different college for Summer 18. 

    On a side note, after looking into why there is no option to apply or select Summer 2018 on the MPC Admissions Application, I see that they are currently not accepting application at this moment. In other words, the application for Summer 2018 won't be open for students to apply until March 14 according to their Admissions Office. I hope this answers your questions and provided you with helpful information. Thank you and if there is anything else that I can be of help to you, please let me know. 
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