How long will it take to process a BOGW electronically and for the school to credit my account?

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My BOGW application has been submitted for Fall 2017 at Solano CC today 8-21-17 . How long will it take to process and if approved how long will it take for the school to credit my account? Will Solano Admissions register me for my classes while the BOGW or will they the account paid in full before adding me to the teachers register? I have completed my application and student ID# etc and have previously been awarded the BOGW for a few years running. I thought previously that it was almost immediately processed online electronically but notice a previous question received an answer of it may take up to two weeks.   Thank you.!     


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    Hello Tim,

    You can register for classes without the approval of the BOGFW application, however at many schools you have a specific period of time limit that you have to pay for the classes once registered. If your BOGFW isn't approved or classes are not paid for out pocket during this time, you will be dropped from the classes you registered for. Typically once you are approved for the BOGFW, you will not have a credit on your account, but rather a Zero balance once you have registered for classes because the BOGFW will be covering the cost of units you have registered for. 

    Unfortunately each school has their own processing time for BOGFW and will vary at each campus. We recommend contacting your Financial Aid Office at Solano to get specific processing time for your BOGFW application.

    Solano College Financial Aid

    Phone: (707) 864-7103
    Email: [email protected]
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