Engineering not available on Major selection on OpenCCC app?

I have already sent in my OpenCCC application and am awaiting approval for my Student ID via email, but the issue this:

While selecting a major, I did not see any option related to "Engineering" except for Network Engineering... I chose that, because I was unsure of what else to pick. Why is there not an electrical/mechanical/general engineering option? has something gone wrong with my application, that eliminated engineering as an option? I would like to know what happened with that, and if there was an engineering option I somehow missed...

I am currently working on my Mech Engineering degree at City College of San Francisco and hope to double major with Computer Science as well.

Here is something I thought while I was trying to fix the engineering issue: it might be more efficient to work on taking programming/comp sci classes at Skyline College (hopefully, mostly online... though I'm unsure how much of the course selection) while finishing up Engineering transfer credits at CCSF... the OpenCCC account was for registering at Skyline College.

I likely must edit my information afterwards and submit a change of major application to Skyline. But as for the engineering vs comp sci debate... should I try and change the major to Comp Sci? Engineering?

What is recommended for me to do?


  • Tee
    edited August 2017
    Hi Katherine, 

    Each community college gets to decide and pick what majors and degrees they want to offer. Unfortunately for yours, they did not choose engineering as a major on their admissions application or anything close to that. This explains why from the drop down list of majors, you did not see anything regarding engineering as an option. Keep in mind, most engineering degrees are offered only through the universities and not through the community colleges. Note: While majority of the community colleges does not offer engineering as a degree/major, they do offer transfer classes as well as courses that counts towards the engineering degree. 

    As far as recommendation for engineering vs computer science, I would recommend that you see an academic counselor for assistance with this so that he/she can provide you with the best recommendation. 
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